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Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

Utano☆Princesama Revolutions

2015 April/ 30 min/ TV series/ Romantic comedy with pop music

ST☆RISH has won the legendary Uta☆Pri Award for the best rookie, and Haruka Nanami is an up-and-coming composer.
The two are steadily finding their footholds in the entertainment industry along with their senior group, QUARTET NIGHT, who belong to the same Shining Agency.
But a battle is about to commence in the entertainment industry over the opening act at an international sporting event.
Talent agencies go head-to-head to secure the opening act by entering their best artists. Who will represent Shining Agency? What does the future hold for ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT and Haruka?
The idols who have exceeded 2000% will cause a revolution of love!



2015 April/ 30 min/ TV series/Comedy, Slice of Life

Alice Cartelet is 16 years old.
She is a blond, blue-eyed English girl but she has been on a home stay in Japan for a year now.
She has been welcomed into the home of her best friend and classically Japanese-looking high school girl, Shinobu Omiya, and has been enjoying the Japanese high-school life to the fullest.

The bond amongst five girls - Alice and Shinobu, big and small duo of Aya Komichi and Yoko Inokuma, and Karen Kujou who is another blond English girl - continues to sparkle today!

The second series of a soft and dreamy school comedy!


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

2015 April/ 30 min/ TV series/ Fantasy

Orario is a megapolis with a magnificent underground labyrinth known as Dungeon.
It is a place of excitement for the unknown, triumphant honor and romance with a pretty girl.
While all dreams and desires lurk behind the scene, a boy meets a tiny "goddess".
"Follow me, Bell! It's time for the Familia initiation ritual!"
"Yes! I'm going to get stronger!"
A would-be-adventurer boy who has been rejected by all other Familia has a fateful encounter with a goddess who has no followers.
The boy's journey is recorded by the goddess in "Familia's Myth".


Wish Upon the Pleiades

2015 April/ 30 min/ TV series/Fantasy, Action

"A junior high school student and stargazing enthusiast, Subaru, encounters a Pleiadesian from outer space one day after school.
The Pleiadesian has summoned a helpe, but instead of just one helper, five turn up for some reason!
The five girls are appointed as "witches" but each of them lacks something and their disjointed efforts keep ending in failure. Can they collect the engine fragments and repair the space ship?
Subaru and her friends glide through the universe and time armed with infinite juvenile possibilities to help the poor alien while fostering their friendships in this story of hope. "


Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

2015 April/ 30 min/ TV series/Food battle, Comedy

Soma, a middle school student, lived with his father who runs a local restaurant in an old town. His dream is to become a cook like his father, and even surpass him. He trained himself every day to make his dream come true. Suddenly, his father tells him to enter a cooking school, and there he meets and competes with his unique classmates. This is a cooking battle story you have never seen before!



2015 January/ 105min / Action・Sci-Fi

In mid-21st century, humans have lost much of the land due to global warming and rising sea levels.
While Gunzo goes aboard to break the stalemate and takes command of the submarine, a top secret request arrives from a high-ranking government official of Japan.
Through the unrelenting attacks by the battleships of the Fog Fleet, Iona matures. What separates the humans, the Fog and Mental Model? Having fought a fierce battle with Kongo and delivered the "last resort of the humans" to San Diego, what is the next purpose of Gunzo and his crew, and what is the yet another shadow that is towering over them?



2015/71mins/Horror/ Theatical Release: May 23th 2015

"Senritsu Meikyu" is called the scariest haunted house at Fuji-Q Highland, one of the most famous amusement park in Japan, where as much as 20% of challengers give up and leave in fear. One night after the park closed, 4 groups of visitors were gathered as candidates who volunteer an experience of a maximum version! The first-ever "experienceable" movie where you can feel the world-class fear as if you were in the real haunted house.

Till Death Do Us What?

Till Death Do Us What?

2015/ 97mins/ Comedy, Drama/ Theatrical Release: May 30th 2015

Aspiring writer Kota (Kuranosuke Sasaki) finally marries book-loving Yuko (Hiromi Nagasaku) after 17 years since they first met. Shortly afterwards it is discovered that Yuko is pregnant as well as having cancer, and the sweet life of the newly-weds turns into a life of battling illness. Yuko passes away after only 493 days of married life. Yuko, who is supposed to be dead, reappears in front of Kota!
Before long the feelings which they could not express to each other when Yuko was alive start pouring out..



2015/ 104mins/ Comedy, Drama/ Theatrical Release: May 16th 2015

The debt repayment deadline is looming for Naoki who works as a host club escort. He manages to scrape together 10 million yen and throws a celebratory party for his colleagues, but when he wakes up the following afternoon, the money is nowhere to be seen. None of his colleagues at the club has seen such money. It seems it was all a dream. Unless he comes up with the money in the next 12 hours, he will be sent to the bottom of Tokyo Bay. Various characters appear on the scene, his colleagues, the club's female customers who cannot pay their bills, Naoki's father who comes to see him in Tokyo and the debt collector, but none of them are dependable

Oh Brother, Oh Sister!


2015/72mins/Zombie, Horror, Action Theatrical Release: April 11th, 2015

Samurai v.s. Zombie- The ultimate Battle Royale begins!
Zombies appear all of a sudden in Kyoto during the samurai period.
A Samurai warrior, Gesutaro Kuzuyama, unexpectedly meets a zombie during patrol and is bitten by it.

Around the same time, the merchant of death, Kaufman trading company, which was transporting zombies, learns from an informer that the escaped zombie has been captured by Shinsengumi. So the master assassins are dispatched to destroy the evidence.

Zombies or Samurai, who will be left standing at the end?